Imagine, Castiel leaves... We wouldn’t see him at all. With Minori Matsushima, Kazuhiko Inoue, Makio Inoue, Mami Koyama. First, though, she runs into Kentin, Armin, and Alexy, who are poking fun at Kentin's attire. This episode was originally released on December 5, 2012 on. The problem was that Deborah wanted to pursue her career alone, not with her current band. /!\ Careful, his answer depends on your LOM, even if you say yes, he may say no/!\. :), /!\ The basement is not available during this time period, it’s not a bug/!\. To start this trip back in time, go to the staircase. Candy has pink fur (albeit very toned down pink, to the point where she looks white to the naked eye), with two curly yellow pigtail-like ears held with pink bows. =. While walking down the hallway, they see Amber looking angry about Deborah, and Charlotte and Li try to encourage her by talking badly about Deborah, as well. Apparently, Deborah likes music and is a professional singer. A Jump Back in Time Your Candy tells Armin about the girl, and Armin jokes he wished he could have seen her. Armin asks your Candy if she knows anything about the new secret school project, but your Candy is more curious about where Castiel and Nathaniel are. In Classroom B, the duo find Mr. Faraize and Armin tells him how he needs to get a game from the Teacher's Lounge. The girl thanks your Candy and leaves, while your Candy decides to find Castiel first. A. But the murder of an up-and-coming guitarist causes him to resurface - with a new mystery woman. He's distant because he just received a call from the manager, and he assumes she was pale because she knew he was being dropped. -, C. Now, you can stamp my "lost notebook" members card, right? When your Candy runs into Rosalya, she mentions how a former student has returned, although she doesn't know Deborah well. Tap to unmute. Woodside. Survivor - S40E01 - Greatest of the Greats - February 12, 2020 || Survivor (02/12/2020) Part 01 So I thought I could walk you home! Alexy comments on how they should advertise with posters and decides to make posters with Violette. The duo go down to the basement and Deborah begins to tell a story about the past, before your Candy arrived at Sweet Amoris. Alexy and you decide to listen to it. Your Candy doesn't get the chance to finish her sentence, however, because Amber freaks out at hearing Deborah's name and takes off to go find the "little pest". You can either leave with him or not. You can take me off it right now, you don’t have a chance. If your Candy is closest to Armin, she will share a moment with him and Alexy as they try to cheer her up. Kentin saw Castiel had a copy of the magazine in the basement or the locker room, and your Candy remembers the article being rather negative. He helps her up and jokes about her being clumsy, even though it was actually Amber who pushed her. I play a game. As chance would have it, the mystery girl comes out from the room and thanks your Candy for helping her find Castiel yesterday. A Jump Back in Time is the 15th episode of My Candy Love - High School Life and the 15th episode overall of My Candy Love. So, if I figure something out, I shouldn’t tell you? Deborah is quick to leave, and she finally finds Nathaniel. But since that’s what you want, no problem, I give up!」, 「Yeah, true... Well, I guess if I see her before I leave, good for her, but I’m not going to hang out here to much longer.」, 「With a voice like yours and a pro like me at the guitar, it couldn’t be anything but perfect!」, 「{$Pseudo}! Episode 15. =. To figure it out, you will need to discover the past of certain people! But don’t worry, you’re on my list.」, 「You don’t even know how to make your own. (If you refuse to walk home with him, you can always go home with someone else.). Deborah has done some research on your Candy, as well, and after some banter, Deborah decides to tell your Candy a story. Picking up where Episode 14 left off, your Candy is met by a mysterious girl who is wondering where Castiel is. Who was that girl at the concert? UL Episode 15. ➜ Objective: Ask the students if they saw the girl from last night! You were great on the drums! (I want to stay with him a bit longer) +, B. Oh... Why not, it could get my mind off things. Everyone in the school trusted her and with a few words, she was able to turn everyone against Nathaniel in the past. CHOICE 2 : Send her in the wrong direction. The levels you have to complete are levels 1551 -…, Here is an overview of the levels you’ll have to complete in episode 108 of Candy Crush Saga. =, A. Once the magazine is found, your Candy begins to read the article. She runs into Iris, who says Deborah is looking for her. It’s alright, at least you have the keys to the room. She saw him in the basement earlier, and so she heads off to find him while thinking about the mysterious girl and how she might know Castiel. The teachers will also clean the school since the students worked hard on the concert, but they may ask them for help when needed. You must have a certain object if you want the illustration with Kentin, don’t take that object if you want the illustration with Armin. Your Candy runs into Armin, who mentions how Alexy told him that she's still looking for information on Deborah. When you get to the basement, you see that neither Castiel or the girl are there. He is now convinced that Deborah can’t be a bad person. Once Alexy le… She later runs into Amber, who is upset that Deborah made the two boys fight since it lowers her chances of getting with Castiel. Watch Happy Days - Season 4, Episode 15 - A Shot in the Dark: Richie makes a lucky shot to win a basketball game and suddenly becomes a big hero. You are with Armin during this objective. The duo leave the Teacher's Lounge, and your Candy thinks maybe she was wrong about Deborah. First, she talks to Peggy, who hasn't seen the mystery girl and wants your Candy to follow her instead. What was she doing at Sweet Amoris? Back in the story, Deborah runs into Castiel, and she's worried Nathaniel told him about what she's done. Alexy seems to have fallen under her charm. of Hidden Gifts It’s alright, we’ll just have to move the lockers! You look for Deborah in the school, and it’s perfect timing because she wants to talk to you too. 1:06. Trailer Lucifer has gone off the grid and cut off all contact from his family and the police department, following Chloe's near-death. She wants to get more information about the planned event, but your Candy doesn't want to join her since it always leads to trouble. olalaae. Go buy it and return to school Green answers have a positive effect on the character. It was Deborah’s album! (Let him dream, it seems to be making him happy) -, B. The levels you have to complete are levels 1596 -…. You must talk to the following students to validate this objective: Rosalya, Peggy, Melody and Lysander. ? (Part 1) Link: 2020-07-29: 2:13:21 The siege of Castle Candy begins, even as divisions threaten to tear apart the royal family. Alexy took a walk, so make a few moves waiting for him to come back. Armin tried moving the lockers so they can get behind them, but they can only move so far. She was probably asked to pose like that so that the album will sell better!」, 「Sorry to insist, but I really need to see him. Your Candy agrees, and Armin compares the situation to the game Ace Attorney. +, A. Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will be alright. When she's alone, Deborah calls her manager and tells him she's ready for the audition, but she also lies about Castiel by telling the manager that he should be left out due to being full of himself. The life of Candy, a little orphan girl, and her friends. On. Her eyes are dark blue, with yellow markings in the shape of wings near her eyes. You have the choice to consult or not your own school records. On her way she runs into Nathaniel, who asks her what she thought of the concert. Princesses Jet and Ruby escape from their lessons on their 18th birthday, and Sir Theobald and Chancellor Lapin chase after them. In the halls, you meet Armin who decides to break into the teacher’s lounge to help you get the truth out. (If you refuse to walk home with him, you can always go home with someone else.). I’ll get going too then. Do you know where he is?」, 「And do I intimidate you? You listen to Deborah’s album with Alexy. Overall It would be horrible if he left school! ➜ Objective: Spend some time with Armin. You come back to school the next day, Mr. Faraize, who is not at ease with the microphone, makes an announcement. Browse more videos. The next day, your Candy arrives at school and is met immediately with a school announcement about how all students must report to Classroom B. Still wandering around the school, your Candy runs into Lysander, and he asks her about Castiel's whereabouts. It was soon be picked up for television as anime, which runs up to 115 episodes (not to mention several ovas and movies). They need to find other people who can play instruments and since Alexy is new to the school and doesn't know many people, it's up to your Candy to look for musicians. She meets up with Armin, who thinks she is wrong about Deborah and that maybe she's looking too far into the situation. =, B. Your Candy is still unsure why she would be at the school, and goes off to find answers. She didn't reveal any other information, and Lysander worries that Castiel will leave the school to play in Deborah's band. =, B. 61: 16: For Candia! Too bad Peggy isn’t here; she would love that kind of scoop! This choice will prevent you from unlocking a dialogue with Kentin. The girl thanks your Candy and leaves, while your Candy decides to find Castiel first. Your Candy's not sure where to go from here, and Alexy suggests asking others about their opinion. After finding nothing in the basement, Kentin finds the magazine in the locker rooms. We could talk a bit, what do you say?」, 「Oh, too bad. You are with Alexy during this objective. With Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro, D.B. =, A. I wouldn’t have accepted to do that... =, B. It’s still weird... She gives off the impression that she is beautiful and she knows it. Once the album is about at the Dollar Shop, Alexy goes off to get his CD player from his house. -, C. Blue answers have no effect on the character. ➜ Objective: Return to the school to unlock a dialogue with Deborah. You meet Kentin who reminds you that, before the concert, you had found a magazine that talked about a declining rock band. of Quest Items Deborah compliments Castiel, and the two share a happy banter together. Action Point estimate The Principal even gives a shout-out to your Candy for the idea of the concert and for all her participation. You haven’t spoken to anyone besides me then? Once you are finished, you have the possibility to spend more time with Armin, or not. Your Candy is unsure why Deborah would tell her such a story, and Deborah tells her it was a warning. Candy - E 22 - VF. Deborah’s album is in the Dollar Shop. B. Sorry, I don’t have the time right now, I need to find Castiel. This isn’t the time to laugh! Fairy Gifts are special items that can be located within each Episode, varying between clothing pieces, accessories, and room decor. In the hallway, your Candy literally bumps into Armin, and falls down. No! B. Your Candy then goes off to ask other students about the whereabouts of the two missing boys and the mystery girl. Lysander hopes to talk with Castiel, but he can't get ahold of him. =, B. Picking up where Episode 14 left off, your Candy is met by a mysterious girl who is wondering where Castiel is. Some objectives are available during this little adventure, but they will not be detailed here so as not to spoil the story. Number The production of her new album is now suspended until she finds a new guitarist. Stop, I’m going to end up jealous... =. Lysander, who heard you talking with you, tells you a few things but not enough to satisfy your curiosity. Her tail is yellow and curly, like her ears. Due to the success of the concert, the school can now start working on the main project. After all this, you come back to present day automatically. The Crown Princess: Alice sacrifices herself for Dawin | Episode 17. After a bit of banter, your Candy tells them how she's looking for details about Deborah and how she has a bad feeling about her. ➜ Objective: Go talk to Castiel about what happened. Armin then suggests they go to the Teacher's Lounge to see if Deborah's school file is still there since she's a former student. Even though she's suppose to have given up on finding information about Deborah, your Candy is still curious and wishes she could see what her band members thought of her. Watch later. The money is so we can buy what we want!」, 「I guess not, but it’s not as bad as some of the stuff you can see on TV...this is pretty low key! First in the basement but you don’t find it, so you head to the locker rooms. There is Strength in Sweetness is the first episode of season 5, A Crown of Candy.. You wear the headphones and I listen with my head next to yours? Alexy sides with Deborah, feeling that one can't judge a person by their relationships and that she probably had a good reason for ending the relationship. Here is an overview of the levels you’ll have to complete in episode 15 of Candy Crush Jelly Saga.The levels you have to complete are levels 281 – 300. Deborah's original nickname for Castiel was "Babe". After a short dialogue with here, you have a choice: • CHOICE 2 : Send her in the wrong direction. Your Candy automatically has a bad feeling about this, and she has the option to send her in the right direction or to send her in the wrong direction. Your Candy automatically has a bad feeling about this, and she has the option to send her in the right direction or to send her in the wrong direction. ? The animated series was produced by Toei Animation.The series was first broadcast in Japan by TV Asahi from 1 October 1976 to 2 February 1979. Episode 14. Tell them that I’m fine like this!」, 「I hope that she came to get Castiel; we won’t have to deal with him anymore!」, 「No, no, no... Well, apart from the magazine that we came for!」, 「It’s the least I could say! Head down to the stairwell to hear the Principal over the intercom. Iris is excited about her return and mentions how she's a lot like your Candy. She decides now is a good time to stop for the day, but suddenly someone comes out of the Teacher's Lounge. Amber and Li will talk shortly after. It was written and developed by Beemoov. (Part 2) Link: 2020-08-05: 2:26:38 Very funny! And those clothes looked really good on you, you looked cooler than usual! Can I walk with you?」, 「The school is planning a laser tag tournament, I’m sure of it!」, 「I just ran into my brother, and he told me that you are still trying to get information about Debbie?」, 「We can be like Ace Attorney, in investigation mode. This is the only episode where you can view a scene from the perspective of a character other than Candy. Deborah breaks out of her story to tell your Candy how she's one of the rare people Lysander talks to.