Roger Kellaway-Ray Bryant – etc etc etc Ascolta senza pubblicità oppure acquista CD e MP3 adesso su Sure some of the more obvious and elememtary things he did on piano could be imitated by lesser pianists. I had a few jazz theory classes with Oscar in 1985/86 at York University and I shall always cherish the moment when he shook my hand after playing a guitar solo. Teddy Wilson and fats should be a lot higher on that list. 4. The jazz world has produced an abundance of super-talented piano masters in the past 100 years – many more than can be accommodated in this list of the 50 best jazz pianists of all time. I think the list captured most of the major players, missed a few that I would have included — McPartland and Newborn to name a couple — and some of the rankings are idiosyncratic. He released his debut LP in 1956 and recorded regularly for a raft of different labels up until 2009. But ranking them is ridiculous. Gil Evans? Scarica l'e-book Piano anthologie. Phineas Newborn -John Lewis-Billy Strayhorn -should be in the top 10 – 15. Though Miles Davis tried to poach him (Zawinul worked on Miles’ groundbreaking In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew albums at the end of the 60s), the pianist stayed with Cannonball until 1970 and then co-founded famed fusion pioneers Weather Report. Cheers. 10: Ahmad Jamal (Born 1930) “He’s my idea of a perfect pianist.”, My top 14 jazz pianists in alphabetical order, based on 60 years of listening: We update our list of new jazz piano sheet music every week, giving you an enjoyable and simple way to discover new music or locate old favorites. He started out as jazz’ foremost “impressionist” (cf. I did pick up a few names that I will make an effort to find for my own listening pleasure. A jazz piano colossus. Italian. The list should be extended to at least 88 names without ranking them. The missing link between Art Tatum and bebop, his status as one of the best jazz pianists of all time is forever assured. But saying that Monk was “lousy as a piano player” … come on. Erroll is justifiably living a second life on the net and part of the problem for fans now is that Erroll died long ago and may have got overlooked somewhat.I understand that Art Tatum was very taken with him (”one day he will become something”)and I think Erroll drove him around a bit and even went up against Art in a piano duel(s). Monk could have played like Tatum. That’s the real big challenge the piano presents. 9: Chick Corea (Born 1941) No Fred Hersch? Your email address will not be published. One guess where Previn got his inspiration!! And rock no less! 47: Duke Pearson (1932-1980) Best Relaxing Jazz Piano. Garner’s ear for music was legendary. I agree with the many serious ommissions mentioned by others. On one episode, he plays a nice version of GEORGIA and on another plays a more classical oriented piece. How Nat King Cole was left out boggles the mind, he was only crucial in developing the Jazz trio, a format that made Bill Evans and so many others so popular. Oh, come on! Hank Jones much, much higher…and I’m the biggest Basie fan you can imagine, but don’t believe as a PLAYER he rates with players who were or are featured in trios and quartets…as some have said, Mary Lou Williams should be in here. OMG! Nat King Cole …… it’s a joke that’s what it is. Livraison gratuite (voir cond.). No Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson? A virtuoso who is fully fluent in bebop, modal and post-bop jazz styles, Mabern is still actively recording and performing today at the age of 81. I’m astonished that no one has mentioned Don Friedman. That was the year he recorded his debut album for Blue Note, and he went onto become one of the best jazz pianists the iconic label signed. Check out Sensuel piano chanson by Romantique jazz d'ambiance club on Amazon Music. Alfio Origlio - Invitation 02. I have just modified 2 external links on Chanson du Vieux Carré : Connick on Piano, Volume 3. Go see Hines @ – just utterly, utterly WONDERFUL. His music tended to be chromatic and angular, and while it pushed the barriers, it also remained rooted in jazz tradition. SORRY. This all depends on subjective judgments in time and space and who’s doing the judging. He would be more appropriate as a person in the TOP 50 for BLUES pianists. My take-away is we can enjoy live music from several ‘all-time’ greats – Ahmad, Chick, Keith, McCoy, Herbie –whether they are Top 10 or not is irrelevant. And there are people like von Schlippenbach, Tippett, Mengelberg, Moran, Ivers…, Would love to be a ‘loser’ the way Kenny Kirkland was…:)…. Here is a sample of the boogie woogie specialist: Duke Ellington was known more as a composer. I love Monk, but respectfully disagree about placing him at #2. 45: Kenny Barron (Born 1943), Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 November 2020, at 23:31. Lamont Jhonson,Rubalcaba,Phineas Newborn Jr.. Great artists- but I miss Erroll Garner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My AUTUMN IN MUSKOKA should really be called AUTUMN IN HEAVEN!! She’s a freakin’ genius! Piano Jazz Piano Classique Piano Bandes Originales Guitar ⬤ Level ... Chansons de Nöel Le meilleur des années 80 Rock et Métal Variété Française Hymne à l’amour Edith Piaf created by Shao Ying LOW This is one of my favourite songs by Édith PIAF, so I arranged it for flute and piano as I like the soft and warm tone of the flute. It’s a great list, but I’m willing to bet that every time you poll the same people you’d end up with different results. Diana Krall? Patrice Rushin? :And he used all that harmonic knowledge in his playing. Though he gleaned much from the left-hand stride-style of Art Tatum, alto saxophonist and bebop architect Charlie Parker was Powell’s main inspiration. Scott Joplin is on this list. Sconto 5% e Spedizione gratuita per ordini superiori a 25 euro. . The late PAT LUDWIG from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I really think this is difficult work. He’s up there with George Hedges, another forgotten legend who never got to play with anyone at all. (And if you think Monk wasn’t a great pianist, you don’t understand a single thing about his compositions or his playing.). No Mary Lou Williams, Geri Allen, Renee Rosnos, Marian McPartland …. Scopri Incroyable piano bar jazz musique - Smooth instrumentale chansons pour la relaxation et détente di Oasis de piano musique su Amazon Music. 1er anthologie de succès classique, jazz, cinéma, pop, chanson française in formato pdf. What? Created and delightful improvisations that remain engaged with the melody but are always resolved at conclusion Lists are worthless when they leave out folk like this: Where’s Sun Ra who was far more influential and certainly more entertaining than the vast amount of folk on this list. 1: Earl Hines. Ahmad Jamal 1er anthologie de succès classique, jazz, cinéma, pop, chanson française dell'autore Franco Concina in formato elettronico. How could you possibly leave out HIROMI UEHARA!!!!! When Memphis musicians and friends of Newborn first heard players like Bud Powell, they were not impressed because anything Bud did, Newborn could do more easily. Both could be top 10, certainly top 25. I have seen live Count Basie, Duke Ellington with their Bands, Earl “Fatha” Hines (Solo). From Dallas, Texas, as a child this hard bop piano giant was raised on a diet of Art Tatum, Nat “King” Cole, Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. Here is Brad playing in a duo with TIM MOHER. Way overrated: Chick Corea, Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis, Absolutely agree with you assessment – and Gene Harris deserve a spot. And where the hell is Brad Meldau? it’s a joke? 12: Fats Waller (1904-1943) The piano’s importance in jazz stretches back to the time of Scott Joplin, at the turn of the 19th Century, when ragtime – with its jaunty, percussive rhythms – proved an important early building block in the evolution of jazz music. Here is just a sampling of his work and there is much more on youtube. Must agree with some of the preceding comments: Mary Lou Williams, John Lewis, Paul Bley, Randy Weston, Jessica Williams not there, but the likes of Bob James, Dave Grusin and even Lyle Mays not only figure, but rank above Andrew Hill! No Jason Moran? One of the main proponents of the Herbie Hancock school of jazz who played with everyone, including the Marsalisis and Kenny Garrett is a loser! 19: Red Garland (1923-1984) This New Jersey pianist helped bridge the transition from ragtime to jazz with his stride piano technique, which built on ragtime’s locomotive, see-saw jauntiness but added more sophisticated harmonies and a stronger blues element. hide. there is a more influence on jazz innovation than bill evans . Seriously? Chansons instrumentales de piano The Jazz Instrumentals. so you include Duke Ellington and keep out BILLY STRAYHORN an RED GARLAND??? This is an alphabetized list of notable musicians who play or played jazz piano. They have been forgotten in the list? (but he IS one of the great interviews, commentators, raps, talkers in the jazz world…and, in the 1960s, helped direct where the music would go.). Mine as well, John. ridiculous list: Crusin, Kirkland, all these “Jazzrock” losers. Unparalled accompanying for horns and singers “So just who are the greatest jazz pianists?” Mary Lou Williams? He merely heard a song in his head and made up the new melody using that tune alone. who he couldnt tell the difference -Linton his brother said he couldnt play one bar like Erroll -strangely, but he was a fine player himself and played trumpet in Dukes band;what a family! Mary Lou Williams 27 Wynton Kelly Bill is overrated. They also seem to find the perfect balance between restraint and expressivity while the others are simply on another level. The piano has been an integral part of the jazz idiom since its inception, in both solo and ensemble settings. Toccata sur le Shimmy “Kitten on the Keys” de Zez Confrey First Pub lication. 4. Moreover, Bill kept the flame going, traveling round the world, too busy to go into a recording studio. HOUSE is played by the great actor and multi-instrumentalist HUGH LAURIE. I knew Kenny very well when we were students at MSM…Most important he was a wonderful soul who made you feel important…. Kenny Drew Sonny is a “musician’s musician” – he would rank higher if this were polled from a sample only consisting of jazz pianists. 2: Teddy Wilson Extraordinarily versatile, and a composer/arranger as well as a piano player. Eddie Costa The question is ridiculous, because it is impossible to answer. POR LO VISTO NO ENTRAN MUJERES, LAS MENCIONADAS Y HAZEL SCOTT. ( These are the pianists who define jazz today. 9 Art Tatum I can’t be bothered rereading to make sure I am absolutely right, because nothing is going to help you. He’s in my top 5. Yes. 43: Harold Mabern (Born 1936) I disagree on Monk ranking so highly, he’s a great composer but not an amazing pianist. Lil’ Hardin’?…. I think Eddie’s brother, Charlie, would be an even better choice! A founding father of an accessible, R&B-inflected form of instrumental music called smooth jazz, Grusin is rare among the best jazz pianists for having also set up his own record label, GRP, in 1978. The problem with lists like this is that they draw a stagnant picture of a very vibrant art. many omissions:Geoff Keezer,Vic Feldman,Bobby Timmons,Derek Smith,Jimmy Rowles,Marcus Roberts,Vince Guaraldi.Lou Levy,Marian McPartland,Gerry Wiggins,Pete Jolly,Hamp Hawes,Monty Alexander,Cedar Walton,Russ Freeman,John Lewis,Ray Bryant,Joe Sample,Billy Taylor,Mulgrew Miller. You can check out his piano work on Youtube (THE CHRIS NOWAK PROJECT Volumes 1 and 2). His Commodore recordings are one of the great pinnacles of jazz. 5. 8.Pinetop Smith Hasaan Ibn Ali Thankfully, his last trio with Marc Johnson and Joe LaBarbera has been well documented. Together with James P Johnson and Fats Waller, William Henry Joseph Bonaparte Bertholoff Smith (to give him his full name) was a noted practitioner of the stride style of playing. Play on Napster. The best of all Jazz Pianist ist Keith Jarrett! Hill, Cables and Hersch should be higher. Aw, man. 2 Thelonious Monk Its role is multifaceted due largely to the instrument's combined melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic capabilities. Willie “The Lion” Smith is certainly a great oversight. It was the latter quality that made Miles Davis such a big fan of his music in the 50s, attempting to replicate Jamal’s light piano style in his groups of that era. If in all this beautiful list there was no place for lennie tristano who wrote this list should do some homework. He doesn’t deserve a top 36 spot!? To me, Keith Jarrett is very overrated. Myra Melford is missing, and yes Diana Krall belongs there. How laughable is this list. 17: Erroll Garner (1923-1977) By the way nobody has mentioned George Zack, his contribution to Muggsies Someday Sweetheart and others really pleased me. Sadly, Timmons’ career was cut short, at 38, by his chronic alcoholism. Not for the faint-hearted, Taylor’s energetic style is often fiercely atonal, employing jarring cluster chords and a dense, polyrhythmic complexity. He was one of the few remaining, one of the last, groups in jazz that continued to carry the flame. Bill, on the other hand, completed his archetypal journey be going full circle. Charleston 2. 39: Barry Harris (Born 1929) intended). Oscar Peterson? Finishing work on a Theloneous Monk anniversary album. Born and raised in Detroit, Harris, whose mother played piano in church, was an early starter, taking up his chosen instrument at the age of four. Have never really understood the Art Tatum worship. Gonzalo Rubalcaba I’d listen to just about anyone else on the list before Tatum. So would you. Originally from Red Bank, New Jersey, Bill Basie rose to fame during the big-band swing epoch with popular tunes such as ‘One O’clock Jump’. A master of musical understatement. after Tatum This is a reply to a to someone above who stated that Lennie Tristano was not on the list and mentioned the name Dave Burrell. After Tatum , Monk and Evans its hard to set a pecking order, but the author needs to listen to Newborn; he was way ahead of many of the contemporaries listed. Show Map. Stream songs including "Piano bar musique", "Réunion de élégance" and more. Choose from Jacques Brel sheet music for such popular songs as Ne Me Quitte Pas (If You Go Away), If You Go Away, and Seasons In the Sun. DEFINITELY THE BEST PIANIST IN THE WORLD WHO WAS BORN IN THE 21st CENTURY: JOEY ALEXANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kirkland a “rock loser”? (The lives of other Romantic composers–Schubert, Schumann, etc.–are equally dark.). I assume you mean the TOP 36? This is the jazz piano site of Doug McKenzie. You can’t have a list like this and leave off Al Haig!!!! Oh yea don’t forget Bobby Timmons!!!!! Take Five is consistently regarded as the greatest Jazz tune of all time by many. Clare’s vocal arrangements were unique, beginning with the Hi-Lo’s. It is wonderful that so many fans discuss the pianist-list – JAZZ IS ALIVE!!!!! No Dave Brubeck, what’s wrong with you people. No Paul Bley??? So please give credit where credit is due. First and foremost, Phineas Newborn Jr. My faith is restored! 1. Arguably the most compelling album he made was 1955’s classic Concert By The Sea, which captures Garner in all his glory. Haven’t heard her? 2. You left off the link. I am surprised that your comment was shown. Though influenced by Bill Evans, Hancock forged his own style in the 60s, both as a solo artist and as a member of Miles Davis’ pathfinding post-bop quintet. Lists are a good way of focusing the mind, by making us consider who else could be there. Apart from that: Nobody misses Cedar Walton? Even she wouldn’t think she should be on this list! Hampton Hawes is another deserving pianist who both Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson admired so greatly. A glowingly beautiful player–most of these players can’t touch the beauty of his ideas and the flow they get when he is at his best. He influenced a generation;one notable was Dudley Moore who could imitate Erroll’s playing very well esp the left hand-but nobody has ever quite sounded the same though Errolls brother said there was a Tommy—? Two other people mentioned Clare Fischer. Finally, if we took into account virtuosism (true virtuosism, which involves making it sound clear and perfect) I’d add Hancock, Tatum, Peterson and Corea; Hancock being the one pianist who can get the best SOUND out of a grand piano – he’s absolute perfection playing chords. He wasn’t a jazz pianist and he was more of a composer than a performer anyways. Clare Fischer??? ongarello chanson francaise. Maybe the original list was only 36 men. By the 30s, she was working as a freelance arranger, writing charts for Earl Hines, Benny Goodman and, later, Duke Ellington. Indeed, whittling it down was not an easy task, but we’ve persevered and come up with a list names that we believe represent the most important ivory-ticklers of the genre. Jessica Williams is not well known by most jazz lovers (though she has released dozens of excellent CDs: He worked mainly as a sideman in the 50s, but in 1963, after a move to New York, Hill began a long association with Blue Note Records that resulted in 16 albums. Secondly, Clare Fischer had a huge influence, and no one (as far as I could see) has mentioned him. Live for me the Number One spot has to be Earl “Fatha” Hines, I stood behind him, within touching distance, at a Jazz Club in the UK whilst he played “All night long”, (sorry Lionel), thrilling the Club Cats in the 60’s. 2: Thelonious Monk (1917-1982) What about Milt Buckner? If the list would be longer, I definitely would add Jimmy Rowles, Bill Charlap and Georgy Szabados. 18 Tommy Flanagan Charlie’s Reply: “AL HAIG!”, The very underestimated Dave MacKenna could be mentionned here. 28 Ramsey Lewis I think she should have made the list. Hey Charles. I kept thinking doesn’t anyone know Tete Montoliu? 35 Dave Grusin. But the sublime beauty and powerful emotion (often thunderous in his last period, 1978 to Sept. 15, 1980) was proportionate to his suffering. Everybody goes ape over Art Tatum.. Erroll Garner is a forgotten genius, should be placed at no.1 or no.2, his playing range was so wild and his style was so distinctive, his musical ability is outstanding. All men? 33: Nat “King” Cole (1919-1965) These are all all great pianists but there are probably many we never heard of and some who were excluded . 24 Bob James I am impressed that Art Tatum is number one ( no argument here ), and that Fats Waller and James P. Johnson made the lst, although they should both be much higher. No armenian piano player either. ARE YOU GUYS BLIND!! finally he asked. Unacceptable. Sadly, his life was blighted by drug addiction, which hastened his premature death at the age of 43. 10 Chick Corea I would not put Monk at #2. In preparation for this year’s Piano Day (29 March), we’ve expanded and revamped this list, and added some of your suggestions. Acquista il CD Trio Per Violino Cello E Piano - Trio Per Archi - Prelude, Marine Et Chansons di Ropartz Joseph Guy Marie in offerta su La Feltrinelli. Boogie-woogie is a style of piano-based blues that became very popular in the late 1930s and early 1940s, but originated much earlier, and was extended from piano, to three pianos at once, guitar, big band, and country and western music, and even gospel. The elder sibling of trumpeter Thad, and drummer Elvin, Jones, this Mississippi-born/Michigan-raised pianist was initially influenced by Earl Hines and Fats Waller, but later fell under bebop’s spell. Mary Lou Williams didn’t make the cut? Would also have included Bobby Timmons, Marian McPartland, Mary Lou Williams, Dick Hyman, Bill Charlap. Gospel music left an indelible mark on Timmons and its DNA can be detected in his playing and much of the music he wrote, which included the classic tunes ‘Moanin’’, ‘This Here’, and ‘Dat Dere’, which earn him his place among the best jazz pianists for laying the blueprint for what became known as soul jazz in the late 50s and early 60s. but 4) Duke Ellington, who played the most beautiful jazz piano solo I know, just half a chorus on “In a Sentimental Mood” with Coltrane, and sets up a glorious close by Trane. 96% Upvoted. Missing: Ellis Marsalis, Bill Charlap, Fred Hersch , Diana Krall, Barry Harris. A near-fatal diving accident in 1951 caused nerve damage to Brubeck’s hands and changed the way he played piano, where fleet-of-finger lines were replaced by dense block chords. How to compare Oscar Peterson and Thelonious Monk?! Though Missouri-born James is widely acknowledged as one of the founding fathers of smooth jazz, ironically, he began his career in the vanguard of the early 60s avant-garde scene. He played with many greats including ART FARMER. Never forcing a things while maintaining the same body and hand position during loud or soft passages (Keith simply lacked this physical advantage, making things worse when he stood up while playing). He eked a living as a jobbing pianist for hire until emigrating to the US in 1947, where he quickly made a name for himself with his synthesis of swing, bebop and elements drawn from classical music. This list is the all-time great jazz pianists. 8 Keith Jarrett Sans vouloir oublier le passé, (je me souviens des concert live de Michel a Miramas et sur le port de Cassis)… 23 George Shearing As to rhythmn, as they say in NY,” Forget about it”. This is why I’m against lists or tallys of who are the greatest this or that . In the 70s, at ECM Records, Jarrett – eschewing electric instruments – patented a lyrical style and, in the same decade, released an improvised solo recital called The Köln Concert, which set a new benchmark for unaccompanied jazz piano. If you don’t know her, get out there, drop whatever you’re doing and listen to her, and redo this list! The top 10 is MINT……….JIMMY SMITH is a HUGE oversight, though. Hazel Scott Whenever I scroll through these lists I am pleased to find my CD collection has so many of the folks listed!! And from the older (but still highly active!) ‘Remember Me’: Blue Boy’s Blue Note Moment With Marlena Shaw, ‘Walking in Rhythm’: The Blackbyrds Move In Sound Towards A Smash, ‘Pergamon’: When Tangerine Dream Made History In Germany, ‘Paradise Theatre’: Styx Stage A Landmark Concept Album, ‘Nude’: Camel Remember Hiroo Onoda, Japan’s Last Soldier, All-Star, Genre-Uniting ‘Rhythm, Country And Blues’ For Vinyl Edition, Machine Gun Kelly Makes SNL Debut With Performance Of ‘My Ex’s Best Friend’, Chart-Topping Country Sensation Morgan Wallen Drops Three New Songs, NJOMZA Releases Heartfelt Live Rendition Of ‘Lucky’, Hilton Valentine, The Animals’ Founding Guitarist, Dies At 77,,,,,,, There is an alternative top 100 list over at As you said, the latter was a great composer and surely played an important role in jazz history, but he wasn’t a great pianist. Marian McPartland? Between Chucho and Art Tatum a toss up as #1..2-3 Oscar. I can’t believe that Dorothy Donegan has not been mentioned at all! I bet jazz lovers could come with a 100’s of great pianists but of course the one’s at the top I also am shocked that there are no women on this list. BRAD MOGGACH from Ontario, Canada? Mc Coy Tyner Sorry. From Allentown, Pennsylvania, Jarrett started playing piano at the age of two and rapidly blossomed into a precociously gifted child prodigy steeped in classical music. If you made this list top 100 there would still be people with their favorites not on it. Throughout my musical career my favourite pianists were Wynton Kelley Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans. Perhaps this list should have gone with 88, still matching the number of keys. After leaving Miles Davis in ’58, Miles called him back for a truly innovative recording: the result was “Kind of Blue,” the most successful jazz album of all time (artistically and commercially–still among the top sellers in jazz). Teddy Wilson 21 WTF? Have you got no heart? I wonder if people know just how good Al Haig was. One of a multitude of musicians who came though Art Blakey’s “Hard Bop Academy”, The Jazz Messengers, this Philadelphia musician was the son of a preacher and grew up playing in church. NO CHUCHO VALDES!!!!!!!!!!!! Créez gratuitement votre compte sur Deezer et écoutez Jazz Band Piano Blues : discographie, top titres et playlists. And there is no way he should be higher up the list than Bud Powell. Jazz Lounge: Smooth Jazz & Piano Bar to Chill (Remastered) de Jazz & Blues Experience - Année de production 2014